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If there’s any a section I fear, it’s the “about me” section on my own profile. I wish I had been savvy enough to set up landing pages where each of you could read about the side of me that would most interest you. I’d hate to be a bore.

Alas, this is not a landing page. I do not know who you are or why you are reading about me, so please bare with my awkward self-introduction. You’d think I’d sound better in writing.

The personal
I am a mother of two little ones: Jax (2014) and Rina (2016), and wife to a charming social butterfly of a husband who not only produces music, but also composes his own (sometimes even stealing my job and writing his own lyrics). Our marriage is a strong one, celebrating its ten-year-anniversary soon, hopefully with beautiful photos of us wearing kimonos in a little zen garden against the backdrop of Mount Fuji. #travelgoals

The ambition
This year, I joined the thirties club, forcing me to put some serious thought into my future (career) plans, branding, goals and the like. As I plan my return from maternity leave, I have made sure to remain informed on the latest industry trends, updated with free online courses on content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, as well as continuing to write regularly, even if only on topics of interest to me. #momhustle

Recently, my proudest achievement is the rekindling of my inner poet, a voice I’ve been trying to save from the cacophony of sounds for some time now. Fifteen years ago my dream was to publish my own collection of poetry. I’ve since revived this dream of mine–I don’t know why; I can’t stop the rhyme. #poetryisnotdead

As for my blog, it’s more of an outlet for expression and a test ground for different writing styles and topics rather than one cohesive “blog”. After all, I do not aspire to be a full-time “blogger”, but more on that in the blog later. #talentblogger

The goal
So what do I aspire to be, then? I am already a copywriter, an editor, a proofreader, a poet, a blogger, a lyricist, and a writer. What else can I do but perfect my trade? #lifelonglearning

I want to be better than I was, better than I am, and better than all who compete against me. I want to be the best in everything I do, but especially in writing. To do so, I need to observe, follow, learn, practice, and develop. I know I’m not the best–you might not even think much of me right now–but I will become the best of my kind. #dreambig

One day, I will be so great, I’ll have landing pages with catered introductions and writing samples. I’ll have just the right tone you expect, and even the style you prefer. I’ll use kitschy words (or not) and skillfully weave long string keywords, fully optimized for Google’s latest updates. My portfolio will rank first in results and I’ll bury embarrassing links to my old online journals and art collections with more published writing than you have time to load. Finally, I’ll be able to articulate who I am in so many words to entice you to hire me. #goaldigger

Stuff I know

• WordPress (Olsen light)
• Buffer
• Hootsuite
• Hubspot
• Blogger
• WeChat publishing
• Adobe InDesign
• Wix
• Adobe PDF Pro
• Canva
• Prezi
• Paint Shop Pro

Work with me!

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