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Print Publications

Hello Chengdu

Hello Chengdu (Chengdu杂志) is the largest, most published, government supported English magazine circulating in Southwest China since 2008, covering culture, travel, public relations, and economics.

School sued for neglect in the US

The parents of three middle school students and a 9 year-old had signed a contract with Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School to study in the US. The school had promised to arrange the students’ accomodation and transportation during the US stay, but had failed to deliver.Read the rest.

Moms with baby profile photos

Have you ever used your child’s photo as your profile picture on social media? Perhaps you know someone who just had a baby and set their baby’s photo as their profile picture. Read the rest.

Beijing cracks down on hospital and ticket scalpers

Ticket scalping, also known as ticket touting, is the act of reselling tickets bought from licensed sellers and selling them at a price determined by the seller. In China, ticket scalpers (called huang niu, or “yellow cow”) are not limited to doing shady business in front of concert halls and sports stadiums, but are more commonly found in front of hospitals and railway stations. It is common practice for hospitals in China to only accept walk-ins with a ticketed waiting system (gua hao) rather than schedule visits. Read the rest.

Positive Parenting Talk

Some might think of PTA luncheons when they hear “parent talk”, but that’s not the case at R3 Discovery. And I should know; I enjoy attending parenting talks at various schools, trying to blend in with the other parents as if my children were old enough to attend the school in the first place. I always learn something from attending them, and it’s nice to sit down and share ideas with other parents, even if we are in a classroom environment. Read the rest.

5 tips for mindful eating

Beijing’s very own healthy foods community organization, Farm to Neighbors, convened its first Jamie Oliver Food Revolution event last week. If you recall, beijingkids attended the Farm to Neighbors Call to Action meeting on May 19th, the official Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day. We wrote about the volunteers’ brainstorming session led by Farm to Neighbors, as each attempted to envision how they could educate the local Beijing community. Read the rest.

Sunworld Hotel’s Sunny Cafe Lunch Buffet

Sunworld Hotel‘s central location in Dongcheng by Denshikou and Wangfujing makes Sunny Cafe’s newly renovated terrace a superbly private al fresco dining spot. The terrace faces a smaller street rather than Wangfujing Street itself, which is good news for parents like us who want to avoid the smokey bars and overpriced touristy stores lining Wangfujing Street. Read the rest.

Web Publications

Beijing Kids

Beijing Kids is a print and digital media outlet covering the international community of schools and families in Beijing, China.

Tips on How to Save Water

As the world celebrates International World Water Week (Apr 10-16), we can all learn a thing or to about saving our most precious of resources. Here, we have gathered statistics and examples from various sources to illustrate that while it’s important to save water regardless of location, it is especially crucial to save water in Beijing, China. Read the rest.

Is it safe to drink?

Everyone knows about Beijing’s notorious air pollution, but many newcomers forget that clean water is not a given in China. Read the rest.

Shop Taobao like a Pro

The key to navigating Taobao is language skills. I’d love to delve more into this, but I’m too illiterate in Chinese to make claims here. Read the rest.

WeChat How to: Wallet

Quite a few people from the community have reached out to us, asking for a WeChat Wallet guide. At first, I was a little puzzled as to why such a guide would be necessary, but I was reminded that I have had my WeChat ID for years now and it is set up differently from the newer versions. Read the rest.

WeChat How to: Privacy Filters

There are three types of people in social media: people who are all business, people who share everything 10 times a day, and people who are in between. The anti-social, anti-sharing, and anti-media people don’t count. Read the rest.

Web Publications

The Beijinger

The Beijinger is a print and digital media outlet covering the international scene in Beijing, China. My articles were repuished from their sister site: Beijing kids where I was a full time editor.

Why intern in China

By now you know that you need an internship to complete your degree, to gain valuable professional experience, to get your foot in the door at the company of your dreams, or to jumpstart your business. If you aren’t already considering China as your next international internship destination, here are five reasons why you should…Read the rest.

Convert Your internship

As a foreigner completing an international internship, your experience will not be the same as if you interned back home. Compared to your friends and acquaintances who intern locally, your internship will include challenges beyond the workplace, and the threshold of transforming your internship into a full-time position with a company sponsored work visa is much higher. Read the rest.

China-proof your resume

Whether you’re looking to nail your first internship in china, or for more experience with the ones you’ve already completed, you’ll find that not all resumes are made equal. The difference between an Eastern resume and a Western resume can be so profound that many companies will have employees fill out a registration form before the interview in to secure all the information you had failed to provide in your resume.

Apps for China

Are you worried about how to survive on a China Internship Program? You may probably be scared because you knew tiny about China before deciding to intern or learn Chinese Language in Beijing or Shanghai. Well, don’t be. Technology has helped enhance traveling experiences of many especially in a place like China where language and culture differ massively from the West. With the following apps, you can easily access all you need from going to western restaurants, using the subway, for communication purposes, etc. Read the rest.

Gap year in China

If you’ve already decided to take a gap year, you know that it’s not “free time” to be wasted. To get the most of a gap year, many are coming to China to learn the language, travel to historical sites, enjoy the beauty of nature, and get real world experience through an internship or volunteer opportunity. Read the rest.

Web Publications

China Internship Placements Blog

China Internship Placements (CIP) is a Beijing based international student exchange service that caters to Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou cities. As they assist students in finding their next exchange year, gap year, or international internship destination, their blog calls for China centric news, career preparation, Chinese language learning, and travel related content.