Writing Samples: Research

Articles and blogs that required research.

The right visa for your Internship in China – Researched Chinese visa laws and requirements, especially the latest changes that prompted this article in the first place.

Recognizing World Autism Day with Stars and Rain – Researched the charity organization, Stars and Rain, as well as autism in China, how children with autism are treated in China, and how the Beijing local government is working on assisting the families of children with autism.

World Water Week: 5 simple ways to teach kids to save water – Researched World Water Week, drought in China, Beijing’s water situation, as well as ways we can conserve water at home.

In Beijing, mothers can get up to 218 days of maternity leave while fathers get 15 days of paternity leave – Researched the recent legislative changes to maternity and paternity leave, what they were before, how often they’ve changed, the catalyst for change, as well as what the comparable laws are in other major provinces (or city states).


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